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Meet Our Brand Ambassadors


Mare Santulli

One time she spilt kombucha on her Yeezys.


Miller Marcus

Not creative enough to come up with a one liner. 


Sam Monte

Most likely to make you think.


Jill McHugh

Fake it till you make it.


Auston Locke

Greatest athlete ever to step on a football field.


Ariana Delgado

Her sandwich order is bacon, pickles, and mustard.


Mitchell Hart

JV football MVP.


Devon Carroll


Go big or go home. 


Kelly Duggan

Easily entertained, but hard to please.


Mj Mellilo

One time he got punched in the face by a girl. 


Rafael Caro


Music is what drives my soul. 


Brooke Raffone


Pats by a million.


Ali Baiocco

Hotter than all five spice girls combined. 


Juliana Della Pelle

Most responsive rep.


Kirsten Barnes

If you're not 6ft. don't even look at me.


Davis Bell

If he was a vehicle he'd be a tank.


Suzie Oler

Give her smart with a solid flirt-roast ratio and she's yours.


Christine Malecki

Tall and blonde, what more could you want?


Will Tepedino

Accidentally got evicted.


Liam White

Certified heartthrob.


Claudia Piron


Proceed with caution.


Olivia Piccirilli


I'm just here so I won't get fined. 


Sean Morris


Just an absolute savage.


Trent Sorenson


Soul Cycle and Barry's... I am LA.


Preston Ellis

"You let that guy catch the ball?"


Elizabeth Pawlak

I have a 4.67 Uber rating.


Corinne Nussbaum


don't stir the pot, I stir the drink.


Greg Holland

Virt Glide. Nothing else needs to be said.


Matt Wujciak


Even better looking in person.


Mackenzie Kenny


Good luck getting in touch with her.


Nate Osemeha

Pretty enough to steal your girl, Drake enough to give her back.


Parker Pridgen

They say nobody is perfect, but I mean c'mon...


Erica Mendel

Enjoys fried potatoes in literally any form.


Charlie Curtis


Charlie "too good for Tinder" Curtis.


Sabrina Ma

You ever so sad that you drive the speed limit?


Logan Harms


I'll hunt you down. 


Tyler Bell

He's never lost at anything in his entire life.


Christina Bergeman


The hottest mess you'll ever see.


Kelsey McCartin


Some call her the queen of carbs.


Caroline Andretta

If not us, then who?


Luke Melcher


They call him the 'smelter.'


Dede Daly

Favorite midnight snack is peanut butter and oreos. 


Teddy Fotos

His name is Teddy like a teddy bear.


Alicia Triant

Got any games?


Mike Parisi

You'll find him at club Karma on the weekends. 


Emily Holtz


You can call me "Scout."


Caryle Maita

8 letters, 3 words say it and she's yours. "I got food."


Elizabeth Haley


Got sheets?


Libby McKenna


I get tacos at Chipotle. 


Bridget Oakes

Can't find her? Check the local Taco Bell.


Morgan Foraker

Former gymnast, do what you want with that information.


Dj Walters

Big numbers guy.


Lydia Sydnor



Nick Iavarone

My flame thrower is almost as hot as my beats.


Edward Helms


Add him on Xbox at ImPenguinHD.