Our Team

Brendan Kenny | Co-founder & CEO

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From Mendham, NJ

Delbarton High School, Villanova Business School

Favorite food is Chick-Fil-A

Fernando Delgado | Co-founder & COO

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From San Clemente, CA

St. Margaret's Episcopal School, Villanova University

Hoping Savvy will help put my Japanese Minor to use


Savvy Dating Game is an app founded by college students looking for a way to connect people and communities together. There is an inability to converse that is plaguing our generation. Savvy brings back the old-school basics of questions and responses in order to get people talking again.


Savvy is a fun and entertaining game to play, and it also offers people a way to connect to others who they wouldn’t normally meet. Our hope is that it brings college communities together and we are able to replicate that process at schools around the country.


With Savvy, the dating game, the conversation begins with intriguing questions and witty responses. A rapport is established before you see each other's pictures. It is a game that sparks the conversation and you have the freedom to take it wherever you want. 


The live nature of the game guarantees real-time responses, reducing the abundance of "ghosting" and dead accounts plaguing other dating apps.


We know our audience and will always commit ourselves to putting the consumer's experience as our top priority. We are fully committed to making Savvy the most fun, entertaining, and fulfilling experience for users that it can be.


Savvy removes the stigma of superficiality and allows you to initially establish matches based on the personalities you are most attracted to. After all, compatible personalties is the key to a fantastic relationship.

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